Ranir Launches a New Workplace Wellness Program

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After partnering with The McCahill Group in the fall of 2014 for wellness consulting, we are excited to announce this month’s successful launch of a newly created wellness program at Ranir. As a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based company, Ranir is a leading global manufacturer of private label consumer oral and personal care products, including power and manual toothbrushes, teeth whiteners, dental floss and more. While the program’s launch is only the first small step in the implementation of a successful corporate wellness program, we are excited about the direction the program is going and have high expectations for the positive results it will deliver.

With a very unique employee population, Ranir’s wellness program was created and customized with input from employees and based on the organization’s vision for a wellness program that could be engaging for all segments of the workforce.  The program structure for 2015 was purposely simplified based on negative experiences the company has had in past years with a more complicated wellness program and the hope is that by refocusing on the “real” objective of the program that employee’s will embrace the message.  Not so coincidentally, the program has been launched under the brand name of REAL, which stands for Real Eating, Real Activity, Real Lifestyle.  In partnership with The McCahill Group and backed by the support of TMG team member Kyle Vernon acting as their dedicated worksite Wellness Specialist, we are excited to see the program roll out and look forward to continuing to help Ranir with the improvement of their culture of health in the workplace.


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