MPower Your Life With Peaches McCahill – September Edition

Self-expression is the dominate necessity of human nature.” – Dale Carnegie

1. Write – Get Creative.  Write a letter, short story or even some poetry.

2. Create a Dream Board – Find images that depict the life of your “dreams”

3. Get Your Camera Out – Take photos. Whenever you use – your phone or a specialty camera to record the moments

4. Sing – Yes, sing like nobody is watching. Even consider writing a song.

5. Paint or Draw – Throw paint on a canvas or doodle your thoughts.

6. Dance – To escape or distress turn on some music and dance

7. Create a Collage – A fun craft that allows you to express yourself through images you select.

8. Get Style – Share who you are through your clothes and hair and even your nails. Don’t be afraid to change it up

9. Decorate your Home – Your home should be a reflection of what you love (color, furnishings, accessories)

10. Start a Blog or Website – Share your thoughts and ideas with the world.

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