MPower Your Life With Peaches McCahill – May Edition

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1. Develop Good Posture – stand straight and show confidence

Good posture keeps you looking more youthful and confident. Take a mirror test. Bear weight of ball of your feet, Feet shoulder-width apart, Pull shoulder back, Tuck in your stomach

2. Stop striving for perfection – no one is good at everything

I think there is a lot of pressure especially on young women. To have the perfect home, perfect children, to be creative, smart, doing it all. No one can do it all well. Focus on your strengths. Hold yourself to a standard of grace versus perfection.

3. Be polite and use your manners Where have proper-manners gone? When I was growing up we attended “charm school”. The basics: “Thank you.”  “Please.” Open the door for others. Let people in line.

4. Maintain your composure during challenging times I always admire it when people can keep their cool. I personally have learned to ask myself, “Will this matter in 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days or 10 years?” Stop and think before you react in any situation.

5. Be honest, but kind, in your delivery. Transparency is an important ingredient in good communication. Be open but kind with your thoughts. 6. Model those you admire; i.e., Grace Kelly, Dorothy Dandridge, Jackie O, Coco Chanel Great role models that showed style, grace and poise in their life: Jackie O at JFK funeral, Dorothy Dandridge – 1st African American women to earn an Academy Award

7. Demonstrate dignity and respect for yourself and others Seek first to understand and be understood. Listen to what someone has to say and show respect for conflicting ideas and thoughts. Thank people for their opinions.

8. Smile often and make eye contact How often do you actually smile each day? Sounds corny but a smile and eye contact can truly impact people’s feeling about you and themselves. Be a polite and enthusiastic person.

9. Learn to carry on an interesting conversation. Listen and focus on the personal you are communicating with. Become an avid reader and listener. Know what happens in the world and be comfortable carrying on conversations in many categories.

10. Be a lifelong student. Take classes, read and continue to grow each day. Make sure you have a list of all the things you want to learn or develop a skill in.

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