MPower Your Life With Peaches McCahill – January Edition

President of The McCahill Group, Peaches McCahill contributes a monthly piece to
the Women’s Lifestyle Magazine, and will now also be featured on the WGVU Morning Radio Show with Shelley Irwin!  Tune in Friday, January 20 at 9:00 AM to hear Peaches and Shelley discuss how to truly MPower You Life. Here is a sneak peek into Friday’s discuss!

“If nothing changes, there would be no butterflies” – Walk Disney

This is the second year that I have canvased woman of many ages for their personal resolutions for 2017. Here is what they had to say.

-Stop looking for a man on-line. Shopping online for a man make you the crazy, shallow girl. Not to mention anyone can be whoever they want behind the screen.

-I vow to take a healthy cooking class. It’s not about domesticating yourself… Taking up cooking can be a great way to spice up your life!

-Spend more time on “me”. Spend some time unplugging from electronics, use your lunch break to unwind or schedule dates with yourself. Me time is essential for your well-being

-Instead of resolutions I write “intentions”. Rather than attempt to solve a problem, plan to heal

-Stick with the program – wherever that may be. Start small and achieve big.

-Spend more time with my mother – she won’t be here forever.

-Talk less, listen more. Knowledge is power. Each person you come in contact with has experienced something different in their life, and therefore we all have something to learn from everyone.

-Get back to my pre-baby weight. For no one other than yourself.

-Stop criticizing myself in the mirror. It’s easy to stand there and pick out each little thing you dislike about yourself. Be done with it. Learn to love yourself for everything you are. If you really want to lighten up on the love handles, hit the gym to boost your confidence.

-Drink more water – with my wine. Life is all about balance


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