Meet your Personal Trainer – Jessica Payne

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The McCahill Group would like to acquaint their audience with the M Power Studio, a TMG-owned wellness center located in East Grand Rapids. The M Power Studio is a one of a kind wellness center that provides individuals with private fitness and nutrition programs customized to their specific needs. The studio opened last July and has been a growing presence in Gaslight Village due to the customization of each individuals needs regarding health and fitness. Jessica Payne, one of our personal trainers, has been given the floor to introduce herself.


At the age of 40, I find myself in my second career. I spent 12 years as a police officer for the City of Grand Rapids. Six of those years I worked as the primary recruiting officer for the police department. Time after time I stood in front of a group of people and told them, “there isn’t any other profession I can ever imagine myself having.” It’s so amazing how much children can change your perspective.

I loved my career as a police officer, but there came a time when that career didn’t make sense for my family and me anymore. After leaving the police department, I earned a masters degree in Family Life Education and earned my personal training certification. I have grown to love my second career. I have always enjoyed exercise and being active so that has made personal training a great fit for me! My priorities are the health & wellness of me and my family. I work hard to teach my kids about proper nutrition. I constantly remind them that food is fuel for our body, and what we get out of ourselves, depends on what type of stuff we put in. I try to be as active with them as I can; playing baseball, soccer, basketball, swimming, frisebee, and anything else they wish to try. I work to be an example for them, with the hope that proper nutrition and plenty of exercise for me buys me as much time with them as possible.

My favorite thing about being a personal trainer is much the same as it was with being a police officer; it is the relationships I build. As a personal trainer, I am not satisfied until my client reaches his or her goal. I work hard to understand what they want to accomplish and why they want to accomplish it. I understand the desire for self improvement; a need to create the best version of yourself. My belief is that I have one purpose here on this earth and that is to do good work; to make an impact, to change lives. Through proper nutrition and exercise, we create the best version of ourselves, so we can continually have a positive impact on those around us.

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