Fall Fun at Farmer’s Fitness

Farmer’s Fitness Center continues to be one of the most innovating and engaging facilities managed by The McCahill Group.  While the fitness center is smaller than some of our other client locations, the staff is still able to make an impact in the environment by creating positive relationships with members and creating extra activities that make getting healthy fun both inside the gym and out.  Here are a few of the highlighted events this fall colorfully described by Farmer’s Fitness manager Kyle Vernon…











September 15th Fall Fun Run/Walk and Mile Dash

The air was warm and the breeze was refreshing on the evening of Farmer’s 2nd Annual Fall Fun Run 5K and Mile Dash. Registration began an hour before the race… As participants gathered, they found themselves engaging in fun yard games like washers, bag toss, can jam, and shooting hoops. With live music in the background and Caledonia Fire Department truck providing an exciting back drop for the young ones in attendance, it was nothing short of a picture perfect day.

As the race approached, volunteers scattered the course to direct and encourage those participating, which ranged from a few serious regulars to first time participants.  Although these volunteers were important, the attention was on the “No Surrender Running Club” youth and their mentors. It was there last race before the fall 10 Mile bridge run and a good test of their readiness for competition.

After the air horn sounded and the race developed over the beautiful course around campus, we ended up with over 40 participants crossing the finish line.  These finishers all accomplished important personal goals, whether it was their first 5K, racing for their best time, or just enjoying the last of the nice summer weather.  We can only hope that we’re lucky enough to have the event go this well again next spring.

September 22nd 2014 National Women’s Health and Wellness Day

In September, Farmers Fitness Center witnessed one of it’s most well attended event weeks since it’s opening in September 2011. Celebrating National Woman’s Health and Fitness day for a total of four days was well received. The event started off with free week passes for all female employees that included access to all group fitness classes. Tuesday’s yoga class was busting at the seems with the help of Wellness Committee promoting National Yoga month and providing some door fun prizes like yoga mats, yoga socks, water bottles, and Lumos.. The class was enjoyed by all and included many first time yogis.  Many of those first timers have since become regular participants, which is great to see. Wednesday was a “recharge day” with affordable table massages offered by our registered masseuse, Michelle.  All time slots were filled from 11:00am-6:00pm. The celebration concluded on Thursday with Bare Minerals providing education on skin care and demonstrating skin tone matching with their award winning foundation.  This event will be a must for years to come.  Thank you to all those who participated!

Putting the Fun back into Fitness

Following the Farmers Fitness Center presentation on “Preventing Breast Cancer with Exercise and Nutrition” the Women’s Network wanted to keep the moment rolling by providing an event that put the fun back into fitness. With certified Zumba and TRX instructor Megan leading the way, there was no shortage of that. The laughter, sweat, and fun was plentiful during the evening from start to finish.

Most of the women had never participated in Zumba before and were clearly nervous, thinking that the other women would be laughing at them about not being able to do the moves correctly. Yet, all predetermined thoughts quickly faded  when the beat dropped and Megan started swinging her hips to the fun music.  All eyes were on Megan and trying to keep up with her fancy foot work and hip swinging.

The key to this event was the support of higher level managers. When you can get executives on board, it takes down the walls and makes everyone a bit more human. This is when leaders can really connect with their team and make a larger impact. As we all know, actions speaker louder than words.   Another great event this fall at Farmer’s Insurance!

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