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The McCahill Group is proud to recognize Shanna Zimmer as an aspiring wellness champion! An interview with Zimmer sharing her journey and advice follows.


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Can you give me a short explanation of your journey to healthy living?
“During my pregnancy with my daughter, I was put on strict bed rest. From
February 2014 until her birth in June 2014, I laid on my couch, slowly
losing any mediocre level of fitness that I had. After she was born, it was
a battle just carrying her across the house without my arms and legs
feeling weak. When I went back to work, these struggles didn’t improve
much. I kept trying to give myself grace after the difficult pregnancy and
having a baby, but, by the winter, I knew it was just an excuse. I saw a
flyer that the Farmers Gym was having a weight loss challenge, I talked a
friend of mine into joining with me and I’ve been working on it since then.”

How long have you been working out at Farmer’s Fitness?

“I’ve been going since January of this year, 2015.”

How did you become what your wellness specialist, Kyle, calls a success?

“Hard work! I get asked a lot what is “the secret” and I always reply that
there is no secret – just eat less than you burn off and burn off more than
you eat! I started by meeting weekly with Kyle and/or Bree to learn some
strategies and exercises that I could do and adapt. I did weekly group
fitness for about two months. I started by going to the gym every day for
at least 20-30 minutes and gradually increased to more like 30-45 minutes.
I try to go down to the gym now at least three times a week and I walk or
run at home on my “off days”. I take the stairs more often than the
elevator. I watch what I eat and try to make good substitutions.”

Do you have a before and after weight you would like to share?

“I went from 189 pounds in January of this year to 155 pounds this July. I’ve lost 34lbs. In
essence, I went from size XXL/18 to M/12.”

What is your favorite part about Farmer’s Fitness?

“I really love the personal trainers! They’ve been very supportive and have
helped me to stay positive.”

Where have you noticed the biggest difference in your life towards healthy

“The biggest difference is probably my confidence level and feeling more
comfortable in my body. I’ve also noticed that my kids are more active when
I am active – knowing that I am giving them a good start on healthy living
is really the best feeling.”

Do you have any goals you are still working towards?

“I am still trying to lose some weight – I’d love to get down to the size I
was when I got married (only about 10 more pounds!). I’m also working on
endurance for cardio.”

Do you have any words of wisdom for those who are just starting out?

“Don’t lament the small successes. Even a loss of ½ pound is worth
celebrating – it adds up over the long run. When you start losing weight –
buy new clothes. Probably one of the biggest boosts to my success was
getting rid of my old clothing and buying clothing that fit. I felt more
confident and I loved getting all the comments. Have a good support system
– after all, it isn’t a “diet” or “fad”, you have to approach it as a
lifestyle change.”


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